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Get to Know Patrick

PGA Tour Instructor Patrick Broom, founder of Optic Inc., developed the Z-Putter design from sound putting fundamental principles he learned working along side Golf Digest’s original Putting Guru, Dr. DeDe Owens.

Patrick, who first began teaching golf at the age of 10 years old, ended up at age 25 meeting Jim Flick in 1986. Mr. Flick asked Patrick to come to work at a new facility called Desert Mountain in Northern Scottsdale Arizona, home of the Golf Digest Nicklaus/Flick Golf Schools. 

It wasn’t long before Patrick was working along side Mr. Flick where he learned golf instruction from one of the Greatest Instructors of the 21st century. Exposed to the top instructors of the era such as, Jack Lumpkin, Davis Love II, Chuck Cook, Dr. DeDe Owens and a host of other notable teachers, Patrick found his calling and became a teacher of the game. 

While studying the “Science of Putting” with Dr. Owens, Patrick learned why Dr. Owens preached the importance of the Set-Up position at Address being the key to solid repeatable execution of the player’s “Natural Putting” stroke. More importantly, if a player can locate their own “Starting Point” to start their stroke from, the player would be able to more consistently recreate their “Natural Stroke”.

Dr. Owens taught a number of top PGA Tour players of the 80’s and 90’s, several who have attempted to teach her putting technics on today’s various PGA Tours. Dr. Owens was well known for helping players with one of the greatest mysteries in golf, the, “Yips”. The “Yips”, are an uncontrollable motor reflex nervous reaction that afflicts player’s hands when experiencing anxiety while over their putt. This unfortunate phenomenon is derived from a player’s over anticipation of the moment impact when putter makes contact with the ball during their putt.

Years after leaving the Nicklaus/Flick Golf Digest Schools, Patrick found himself in search of a cure for the elusive, “Yips”. One day the answer came to him while watching a scientific television program on the Motor Reflex Regions of the Mind. Leading scientists determined, the Optic Nerve was responsible for the uncontrollable motor reflex reaction of the trigger fingers in the hand associated with the causes of the “Yips”. Thus came the idea behind founding his company called Optic.

Patrick, through years of playing competitively and continued experimentation with varying putting styles, realized the age-old “Blindfold Drill” was directly associated to eliminating the “Yips”. By eliminating the moment of impact between the ball and clubface, a player could remain more calm and relaxed throughout their stroke.

After a decade of research, Patrick designed the first of it’s kind putter that eliminates the moment of impact between the ball and clubface, the Optic Z with it’s revolutionary, Z-Neck. Along with this miraculous design came a host of other advantages that make the Z-Putter the most advanced putter in the game of golf today.

Our goal at Optic is to help players putt their best, make more putts, lower their scores and most of all, make one of the most difficult aspects of the greatest game on earth, more enjoyable.

Patrick has helped numerous players over his past 23 years on various PGA Tours, as well as thousands of golfers from the public sector. He is dedicated to giving back to those who play the game that has given him so much. Patrick believes every golfer is born with a putting stroke; his mission is helping players reach their highest potential, Naturally.

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