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How it Works

The Optic Z Putter – How it Works

Attributes to How Optic Z's Work Better Than Any Other Putter

  • Optic Z's offer "Built in Forward Press". Simply align the Toe of the putter to the Z-Neck and the Z-Neck to the Heel and your eyes will visually tell you when your putter face is precisely square to your target-line at address. "The Eyes Never Lie".
  • The Z-Neck, "Eliminates the Moment of Impact", between the ball and the clubface similar to the age old, "Blindfold Drill". If you don't see the ball come off the clubface, the player remains more calm and relaxed throughout their entire stroke.
  • The 3-Way Balance, "Corrects all Off Center Miss-hits". The Z-Neck acts as a Fulcrum point the Heel & Toe weighting react around. It also, "Raises the Center of Gravity" in the clubface generating more topspin (MOI), more than any other putter on the market, so the ball can hold it's line, longer, truer, and straighter, even tracking over loose impediments on it's way to the hole.
  • 3-Dimensional Contrast. The Z-Neck provides, "Depth of Perception" enabling the eye to more easily establish when the clubbed is accurately aligned with the target-line.
  • Provides the player a, "Starting Point" to begin their stroke from every time, making it easier to recreate their "Natural Putting" stroke more consistently. If the player executes their natural stroke more routinely, a higher percentage of pets are made. Simply; Set your hands in position, Square the Putter face to the target-line and Putt. Lock, Load, Let it go. Don't think about what you want to do. Do it, without thinking. The eyes are the great equalizer when confirming Set-Up Position at Address. Less time over the putt equals greater results. The Z-Putter Set-Up sequence can be executed in 3 seconds or less, which eliminates the "what if" factor of trying to over think what comes Natural.


    Can Any Other Putter Do This?

     3-Way Neck & Clubface Leading Edge Alignment

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