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Optic Z Evolution

Richard P. Broom

PGA Tour Instructor, and Founder of Optic Golf, Patrick Broom, has developed the 2023-2024 line of new Z-Putter's using old school materials popular decades ago by reformulating this proprietary material into his cutting edge designs with the aid of modern manufacturing technology. 

In doing so, Optic Golf has emerged as the leader in environment-conscious golf club manufacturing. Optic’s mission is to Visually Simplify Putting by providing players Correct Set-Up Position at Address to Start their Stroke from the same position each and every time. The Revolutionary Z-Neck eliminates the moment of impact between the ball and clubface similar to the age old "Blind-Fold" drill which allows the player to remain calm and relaxed throughout the stroke. Z-Putter’s 3-Way Alignment visually squares the putter to the target assuring more putts made thus lowering scores!

Optic, was founded in 1998, on introducing state-of-the-art alignment techologies and has led the way in innovation ever since. 

Richard P. Broom

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