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Z3 Charcoal with White Paint Fill

$ 369.99

The Flagship Z3 with heel-toe and center sight lines help visually square the putter to the target with our leading edge design.

All Optic Z Putters are designed with the revolutionary "Z" Neck and 3-Way Alignment System, find out how it works.

Z-Putters are handcrafted in the USA in the Pacific Northwest, 100% Milled from our own proprietary materials. Standard models include a milled putter head with Optic's Proprietary Face Mill, Lamkin EBL Grip, and True Temper Steel Shaft, or upgrade to a Premium UST Shaft and Garsen Grip. All models include a DuraArmor Carbon headcover with matching embroidery.

We know that having your club the way you want is important. Contact Us and we would be happy to Customize Your "Z" to your preference including: paint-fill, grip, length, shaft and head cover. Additional fulfillment time and customization fees  apply.

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